About the Beauty Fixer

Audrey Matney, known in the industry as “The Beauty Fixer,” is a top New York City beauty expert with an incredible array of aesthetic knowledge based on research and scientific analysis. A clinical educator, celebrity skin expert, and educator, Audrey works tirelessly to partner with physicians to ensure her patients not only understand their cosmetic procedures but have made an optimum choice of treatment in line with their desired result. Audrey has learned from the world’s leading authorities in aesthetic medicine which has enabled her to collaborate on the formulation and development of products and treatment protocols utilized by physicians and luxury skincare brands nationwide.

Each consultation with Audrey begins with a thorough education on the skin, the aging process, and then moves into a specific discussion regarding your specific beauty concerns. You will then receive a systematic head-to-toe evaluation and skin analysis revealing your unique beauty profile. This profile combined with your essential concerns culminates in a custom-tailored treatment plan which Audrey will ensure aligns with your unique beauty needs and expectations.

 Regardless of the recommended protocol, preventative anti-aging measures, fillers, or a proper skincare regimen, Audrey will ensure you are comfortable and confident before you proceed.  Her innate passion for helping her patients achieve their beauty goals truly differentiates her practice. If you want to attain a state of glowing, dewy, freshness come enjoy a consultation with Audrey at BeautyFix Townhouse.