About 123 Beauty Lab at the Townhouse

Step into a space where beauty and science unite. A place where the boundaries of Eastern and Western medicine blend in perfect harmony. From the moment you come to the townhouse and meet our elite team of beauty experts, a sense of wellness surrounds you, and time stands still as you are enlightened about the best methods to achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Our goal at 123 Beauty Lab is to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe, caring environment while providing the utmost level of customer service. Audrey, our resident “beauty fixer” is a true expert in the field of aesthetic medicine and skincare. Throughout her extensive career, she has developed and formulated skincare products as well as designed treatment protocols for physicians and luxury skincare lines. As a clinical educator, it is her job to educate our patients about the procedures we offer, and what solutions we have to treat their individual beauty concerns. Audrey begins each consultation with a systematic head-to-toe evaluation and precise skin analysis to reveal your unique beauty profile. Understanding your essential concerns, our beauty experts will tailor a treatment plan aligned with your needs and expectations.

Our menu of services features cutting-edge treatments intertwined with philosophies from around the world. Unique to New York City, 123 Beauty Lab at The Townhouse is the perfect urban escape that offers patients a harmonious place of well-being, reaching far beyond the traditional medspa experience. Respect for the uniqueness and individuality of each patient is what sets 123 Beauty Lab apart. From consultation to treatment, each appointment at the Townhouse is a unique and personal experience, a moment created especially for you. Let our beauty experts provide you with the perfect union of effective know-how and aesthetic expertise. We invite you to come get your 123 Beauty Lab!